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Pricing, Availability and Product Information

IMPORTANT:  To ensure a more precise fit accuracy in measuring is extremely important.  Both should be taken with bare feet.  First measurement is from tip of big toe to back of heel.  Second measure completely around the ball of your foot.  (Please note the image when measuring the ball of your foot.)   We make every effort to ensure that our web site is kept up to date.  This way all items shown should be available for immediate construction and the prices listed are the current and final prices. If an item shown is not currently available because of leather availability, the product description will be updated with an expected available date or the item will be removed completely until it is available once again.  Descriptions and product images are provided as accurately as possible by posting pictures that have been taken in a quality setting.  However, anyone who works with leather knows that color and grain variations exist, even from the same hide.  Therefore your leather moccasin could look slightly different than the one pictured. We make every attempt to provide you with an accurate representation of the actual product by keeping our pictures and descriptions fresh and up to date.  We reserve the right to add, delete and modify the prices, product images, product descriptions and any other content of the website at any time.

***IMPORTANT*** Please note that since the pandemic more people are shopping online.  That being said, we have been backed up with orders and do not want to compromise the integrity of our moccasins.  Therefore, PATIENCE is a must with delivery times as this could be as long as 6-8 weeks depending on the influx of orders.  Thank you in advance for your patience.***

Return Policy 

Kings Trail Leather offers ONE FREE Sizing Exchange, on any NON CUSTOM ORDER OR NON INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENT, where we split the shipping costs with you. Simply email us at: kingstrailleather@me.com and you pay to send your Moccasins to us in unaltered and unworn condition. Included with the returned moccasins must be a note of the new size AND a tracing of your bare feet. We will then make a new pair and pay to ship them back to you. Kings Trail Leather will pay for shipping your size corrected moccasins back to you the FIRST TIME only. Sizing exchanges must be made within 2 weeks of receipt of merchandise and must be in unworn condition for an exchange. In order to accept a return they must be in the same condition as mentioned above and we will refund the item only not the shipping.

***IMPORTANT*** The ONE FREE Sizing Exchange will not apply if we have asked for additional information or for you to take a re-measure and we get no response or you send the same incorrect measurements. Therefore, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that we have ACCURATE measurements when the order is placed in order to eliminate any discrepancies with the fit of your moccasins. It is important that these measurements be accurate. If we do not receive them when your order placed the order can be delayed until these measurements are received.*** 

Order Cancellation Policy

Your order may be canceled within 24 hours of placement or if the crafting of your order has not yet begun. However, since we begin crafting your moccasin as soon as possible, if you do decide to cancel we advise that you contact us right away.

Phone:  636-980-7353 or 417-294-4747.  

Email:  kingstrailleather@me.com or kingstrailleather@gmail.com.