About Us

My experience with leather and footwear began many years ago in a shoe and leather shop in St. Louis., Missouri where I restored and rebuilt footwear. I also hand crafted and custom fit sandals, hand bags, and belts in the latigo leather era.  I had a share in hand crafting cowboy boots as well as teaching classes at Oklahoma State University Technical Branch.

I ran across someone who was experienced in crafting moccasins and he desired my experience in boot making and boot rebuilding.  We intertwined techniques of boot and moccasin making to create a better quality, better fitting moccasin.  Over the past 20 years I have had the opportunity of being one of the craftsmen at a major theme park in Missouri and many of our customers have been repeat customers during this time.

My wife and I now have a shop in our home and we enjoy working side by side crafting them together.  We feel that this offers that personal touch on each and every pair.  Our custom fit moccasins are designed especially for you and made to order.  However, there might be a slight up charge for the extra wide, extra extra wide, or extra long sizes.  We have several styles of moccasins as well as several styles of boots to choose from along with several colors of leather and suede.  So if you have a combination in mind of desire something other than what you see on our website send us an email or give us a call and we can discuss any additional options. 

***IMPORTANT*** Please note that since the pandemic more people are shopping online.  That being said, we have been backed up with orders and do not want to compromise the integrity of our moccasins.  Therefore, PATIENCE is a must with delivery times as this could be as long as 6-8 weeks depending on the influx of orders.  Thank you in advance for your patience.***

Email:  kingstrailleather@me.com or kingstrailleather@gmail.com

Phone:  636-980-7353 or 417-294-4747

***IMPORTANT:  Accuracy in measuring is extremely important in order to fit your moccasins correctly.  Both should be taken with bare feet.  First measurement is from tip of big toe to back of heel.  Second measure completely around the ball of your foot.  (Please note the image when measuring the ball of your foot.)***